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Introductory Pricing

trueCall SIM pricing is set to be just a few pounds more per month than a regular monthly mobile phone contract fee from a main operator.

All trueCall SIMs offer unlimited calls and text messages to UK landline (01, 02 and 03) and mobile numbers, and you can select the amount of data that you want:

    Unlimited calls and SMS messages (UK), no data

  £18.00 per month

    Unlimited calls and SMS messages (UK), 2Gb data

  £20.50 per month

    Unlimited calls and SMS messages (UK), 4Gb data

  £23.00 per month

    Unlimited calls and SMS messages (UK), 10Gb data

  £31.00 per month

There is a one-off £10 activation fee with all options.

The contract is  rolling monthly contract so you are not locked in. The trueCall SIM uses whichever phone network gives the best signal at the time. If you already have a mobile phone your existing phone number can be ported to the SIM card.